The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

2 Benefits Of Having Carbon Steel Pipe Fabricated For Your Industrial Pipeline

by Carlos Sullivan

If you have an industrial project coming up that requires the installation of a pipeline, you may be researching the various pipe materials to see what would be the most ideal. Especially if the pipeline will carry chemicals, petroleum products, or other corrosive or flammable solutions, you need pipes that will safely hold up to them.

While there are several options, you should seriously consider using carbon steel pipes for your project's pipeline. There are a couple of notable benefits of choosing to have a pipeline made from carbon steel custom fabricated for your industrial pipeline.

1. Carbon Steel Pipes Are Highly Resistant to Both Corrosion and Impact Damage

One benefit of using carbon steel pipes for your upcoming pipeline is that the material is highly resistant to both corrosion and impact damage. The structural makeup of carbon steel does not break down easily when exposed for long periods of time to such corrosive solutions as chemicals and petroleum products.

Carbon steel also does not oxidize and rust when subjected to external water in the soil so it will not deteriorate over time. When made from this material, the pipeline will also be able to resist impact damage as well as environmental forces, such as vibrations from earthquakes and tornados, especially when fabricated in place below the ground's surface.

2. Carbon Steel Is Non-Combustible and Highly Resistant to Fire Damage 

Another benefit of carbon steel pipes for your industrial pipeline is that the material is non-combustible. This feature is especially important if your pipeline will carry gas, oil, and combustible chemicals.

Even if there is an unlikely event that causes a fire in the area of the pipeline, carbon steel is resistant to fire damage thanks to its inflammable nature. The surfaces of the pipes will not carry the fire to other areas. And, if the fire is external, there is a lesser risk of having flammable contents affected by it.

When you need pipes fabricated and installed that will transport chemicals or petroleum products, those made from carbon steel are ideal. They are non-combustible and highly resistant to corrosion, fire, and impact damage. Carbon steel is also versatile and malleable, making it easier to fabricate into the sizes and shapes you need.

Contact a company that offers carbon steel pipe fabrication services in your area to speak with a representative for more information and to discuss your individual needs. 


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