The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

3 Advantages To Expanding Your Fleet With Custom Tow Trucks

by Carlos Sullivan

Expanding your wrecker fleet can mean improving your company's capabilities, ultimately allowing you to take on more jobs, serve more customers, and generate more revenue. There are plenty of options for buying new tow vehicles, but working with a custom truck manufacturer is often one of the best. This approach offers numerous benefits for towing businesses of nearly any size. 

If you're planning on expanding your company's wrecker fleet, here are three potential advantages you can realize by working with a custom truck manufacturer.

1. Specifications Matched to Your Business

Buying a used truck or a new truck right from a dealer lot can mean compromising on the specifications you need for your business. Although you might have a few options for speccing out a new truck, you'll always need to make a few tradeoffs or forgo features that may work for your business. These compromises can leave you with a less efficient truck for your business needs.

A custom tow truck manufacturer can work with you to meet your exact specifications. You can adjust features such as wheelbase, total front axle weight, engine, and transmission specifications, and even modify the frame. These customizations allow you to purchase a truck perfectly suited to your specific business requirements.

2. Better Brand Recognition

Your trucks are the most visible part of your company. They're the first thing your customers will see when one of your drivers arrives on-site, and they're essentially driving billboards as they travel between jobs. While off-the-shelf trucks might get the job, they won't stand out from the crowd or help you build your company's brand.

In addition to offering performance and efficiency matched to your needs, a custom-manufactured truck allows your company to make a more striking impression. Your trucks will be more recognizable as they travel down the road, helping build your brand and bring in new customers. Truck manufacturers also typically offer custom body and paintwork, providing even more noticeable brand recognition.

3. More Long-Term Affordability

Surprisingly, a custom truck can be more affordable over the long run. Buying a truck that doesn't meet your specifications can mean wasting more time and effort per job or spending more money on fuel. You'll also ultimately waste money by purchasing a generic truck that's under or oversized for your company's needs.

By working with a manufacturer to build trucks to your exact specifications, you can design a vehicle that's appropriate for your purchasing budget and that fits with your goals for long-term operating costs.

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