The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

3 Characteristics Of A Good Barrel Shroud

by Carlos Sullivan

Manufacturers are constantly making improvements to modern weapons. More components can be customized for today's firearms than ever before. One component that is popular among gun owners is a barrel shroud.

The primary purposes of a barrel shroud are to reduce the amount of noise generated when a gun fires and to reduce the recoil. The more you know about barrel shrouds, the better equipped you will be to spot the characteristics of a good barrel shroud in the future.

1. Full Coverage

A good barrel shroud should provide full coverage for the barrel of the gun. Full coverage is essential if you want to maximize the noise dampening effect of your barrel shroud.

Barrel shrouds work by containing the release of compressed air from a gun's barrel after firing. It is this release of compressed air that creates the loud report associated with gunfire, so controlling this release is essential in reducing noise levels.

Since a barrel shroud can't be very wide, its length must provide adequate space for compressed air. A shroud that covers your gun's barrel fully will produce the quietest sound.

2. Air Escape Holes

Gun manufacturers want their barrel shrouds to direct energetic air backward down the length of a gun's barrel.

By forcing the compressed air released during a shot to travel down the barrel and back up again before being released, the air has time to expand. This expansion reduces the amount of noise created by the exit of the air from the barrel shroud.

A quality barrel shroud will be equipped with air escape holes. These holes are located at the rear of the shroud. Their purpose is to allow the ambient air within the shroud to escape as compressed air is pushed through the shroud. Air escape holes maximize the function of a barrel shroud.

3. Quality Materials

The materials used to construct a barrel shroud have a direct impact on the quality of the shroud. You want to select a barrel shroud that is made from a plastic polymer. Many metals will amplify sound instead of reducing it, making plastics a better option for barrel shroud construction.

Vibration dampers should be embedded within the plastic polymer to help further reduce noise. An effective barrel shroud will be constructed using quality materials that contribute to the reduction of noise after firing.

If you are in the market for a barrel shroud, be sure that you are looking for a shroud that provides full coverage, has air escape holes, and is made from the highest-quality materials available.

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