The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

Plan A Weekend Camping Expedition This Father's Day

by Carlos Sullivan

If your dad is a retired veteran of the Army and enjoys telling you about the days that he spent foraging through the woods while he was completing training, bring your father's love of the military back into his current life by planning a weekend camping expedition this Father's Day.

Purchase Gear

Military tactical gear, including LED headlamps, night vision goggles, holsters, flashlights, sleeping bags, and a tent will help you and your dad navigate through the woods and set up camp in the area you choose for the expedition.

Purchase the lights from a military lighting manufacturer. Military lights are designed to be lightweight and waterproof so that an individual does not need to worry about a light becoming damaged during rainy conditions or if one is accidentally dropped into water. The tent and bedding materials can be purchased from a military surplus shop.

Surprise your father with your purchases several days before the camping event. Tell your dad that you would like him to utilize the supplies while he teaches you about some of the training exercises that he learned while in the military. 

Pick A Camping Area

Choose a camping area that is close to hiking trails and a water source. If you are apprehensive about staying in an unpopulated area that is far in the woods, rent a site at a campground. If there are several campgrounds located nearby, call the director of each one to inquire about the amenities that are offered so that you can select a campground that will suit your needs.

Pack Additional Gear And Learn Some Survival Tips

Before embarking on the camping trip, pack some essentials, including food, toiletries, cookware, dishes, and utensils. After you and your father arrive at the camping area, unload the items that you have brought along and set up the tent. Allow your father to guide you through this process if you are unfamiliar with pitching a tent.

After your sleeping quarters are prepared, ask your dad to teach you about some of the survival tips that he learned while he was in the Army. If your dad is knowledgeable about hiking through the woods when it is dark out, it will be interesting to participate in the hiking journey.

Bring along the lights so that you and your father can see each marked path and ask your dad if he can point out some tips that will assist with remaining safe and vigilant while exploring the area.  


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