The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

Three Reasons To Go For Hologram Labels For Your Beauty Products

by Carlos Sullivan

Manufacturing your own makeup and body care products means that you will have to work hard to break into the market. If you are seeing success with selling your products online and in stores, you are likely to develop a long-term customer base. When selling a product that you have had manufactured, you should consider adding hologram asset protection labels to each of your items. Here are three reasons to go with hologram asset labels, such as from Tampertech, on your beauty products. 

You can keep them from being stolen

When your products are in store, one of the main methods of decreasing your possible income is theft. In order to help deter theft, you can get asset protection labels placed on each product. This label can be small enough to be affixed to the bottom of your products after production is complete and before shipping out to stores. These labels can trigger store alarms so that they cannot be concealed and carried out. An asset protection label will be especially important for your small cosmetics items that are easy to conceal inside of a pocket or purse. 

Your product is distinguishable from fakes

One of the worst things that can happen to a label is other labels attempting to create a fake. Sometimes customers may not be able to tell the difference between the true product from your company versus a fake. one of the things that can be a tell-tale sign that the product is real is a hologram label. Hologram labels offer proof positive that the product is yours. By having a specialized hologram label created for your product, you make it next to impossible for someone to replicate the direct hologram from your items. This will allow customers to remain brand loyal and make sure that stores do not accidentally begin to carry fake items. 

Batch information never leaves

Hologram labels that are created with batch and production information that last forever provide insurance for your company. In the event that a bad batch of products is created during manufacturing, you will be able to identify affected products with one look at the bottom hologram label. This way you can allow exchanges and refunds to affected customers. If a customer launches a complaint, you will be able to identify the date of production, store of sale, and personal information about the product in order to launch an internal investigation about the complaint. 


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