The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

Scavenger Hunting for Cash? 3 Unique Places to Find Value in Forgotten Treasures

by Carlos Sullivan

If you want to find extra cash, then you may want to consider going on a scavenger hunt to find treasure. There are forgotten treasures that can be worth the hunt because they are collectible, as well as items that are valuable because of the materials they are made of, such as precious metals like gold and silver. Here are a few scavenger hunts that you can go on to find valuable forgotten treasures:

Hunt for Old Tableware Made of Valuable Metals

Silver tableware often gets disregarded because of the patina on silver, but it can be very valuable. Some people may just put it out to the curb or give it to second hand shops because they do not see the value beneath the patina. If you come across old tableware that has a slightly dingy tint to it, it is not dirty and is likely just the patina of the silver. Give the wares a quick polish to bring them back to life and see the valuable silver beneath the age. In addition, some older kitchenware is collectible and can be valuable even if it is not silver. We will also gladly take any brass materials that are to be thrown away. 

Look for Rare or Old Coins

Look at that old penny in your pocket that you got back with your morning coffee. Some pennies like the wheat head penny can be very valuable. The quarters in your pocket that were made before 1964 are worth several dollars because of the silver that they contain. You may also want to look for minting errors like double-die marks, which are rare and make the spare change in your pocket valuable.

Seek Out Precious Metals Found in Other Unlikely Places

You have a junk car and you are ready to have it hauled away, but have you thought about the parts or metal that can be worth money? For example, the catalytic converter has platinum in it and many modern cars have a lot of aluminum. Electronics that are disregard are often full of gold and other metals, which the older devices have even more metal that computer recycling can recover. In addition, think twice before setting a Commodore 64 or old IBM machine on the curb. Technology enthusiasts collect these old machines and may pay a lot for older, rarer machines that are part of history.  Most old machines are not valuable as collectibles, but you can bring them into use for recycling.

These are a few treasure hunts that you can go on to find forgotten treasures that will give you financial rewards. If you have found metal and want to sell it, contact a scrap metal pickup service through resources like 


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