The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

The Ultimate Automobile Manufacturing Guide

What To Remember When Adding A Rented Dumpster To Your Site

by Carlos Sullivan

When you have construction work being done on a structure, be it a commercial building, factory, or home, you can definitely benefit from renting a dumpster to hold all the debris you end up generating or clearing out. But placing the dumpster, even on a bare construction site, has some requirements that you shouldn't ignore. If you don't pay attention to these, you could end up with fines, flooding, or one stuck dumpster.

You May Need Permits

Depending on the city, county, or state in which you're working, you may need a permit for the dumpster even if the dumpster isn't on the street. The size of the dumpster can be a factor in whether or not you need a permit, too. Note that there will likely be several other requirements from your city if you want to keep a dumpster around; for example, the city of San Diego has a list of requirements, including placing barriers with flashing lights around a dumpster placed in the street.

Don't Block Storm Drains

If the dumpster is going in the street or in another paved area like a parking lot, watch out for storm drains. Dumpsters typically have small wheels, so they're up off the ground a bit and won't fully block the opening to the drain. However, the space between the dumpster and the ground is usually rather narrow. Debris such as leaves can be washed into the area around the dumpster and ultimately clump up against the bottom of the dumpster, creating a barricade around the storm drain opening. Even if the opening isn't fully blocked, if enough water rushes toward the drain and can't get in, you can have localized flooding.

Use a Hard Base Layer

If the dumpster is going to sit on dirt, grass, or another relatively soft surface, place the dumpster on a large piece of wood or solid, hard plastic. If you let the dumpster sit directly on the dirt or grass, the weight of the dumpster can gradually make it sink into the ground just enough for you to have trouble moving the dumpster out. If it rains while the dumpster is in place, it can be even harder to move the dumpster after the dirt and mud dry up. Placing the dumpster on a wood board or other hard material helps ensure you don't end up with a stuck dumpster.

Talk to dumpster rental companies about the requirements and placement issues they've noticed in your area. They may have helpful tips that make placing and removing the dumpster a lot easier. Visit for more information. 


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